BIOLINE Medical Supplies and Services Co. W.L.L

Providing Innovative & High-Quality Diagnostic Products And Services

About BioLine

BioLine was established in 2019 and has achieved wide success in the field of medical supplies within a short period as it has authorization for distribution in the Middle East and Gulf countries and it has cooperation with several suppliers of medical devices and laboratory equipment.

BioLine has a deep understanding about the industry and the regional market which empowers us to have strong partnerships with our suppliers and customers to supply products that are well suited to the customers’ needs.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the regulatory requirements in all countries we operate in which has allowed us to successfully access the markets to freely distribute their products without regulatory obstacles.

It is our mission to fulfil the needs of our clients, and we do so by offering a range of the highest quality products, coupled with a team of experienced and skilled personnel who have been serving the industry for years.

Our portfolio focuses on




Mission Statement

To provide the regional market with innovative & high-quality diagnostic products and services that meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

Vision Statement

To be the leading supplier of medical diagnostic products and services in the region.

BioLine Customers

We have a broad range of customers in Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar and Iraq including Ministries of Health, private hospitals, medical centers and laboratories.

BioLine has decided to be in the unique, niche and sophisticated technology
business, where our messages and services to our clients are clear and remarkably
distinguished; therefore, we have managed to build a business with solid foundation.